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Adnama Hair Design is a home-based unisex hair salon in Meadowridge


At Adnama Hair Design we choose to stock Indola hair products because they are of the highest quality and offer a wide range for all your needs.

Indola Innova Repair Shampoo 300ml

Indola Innova Repair Shampoo reinforces and restores the hair structure from the inside.

The Indola Innova Repair Shampoo nourishes the hair and cares it from the hair root to the dots. The formula with Marula Oil builds the hair structure from the inside with a care to deep into the hair. Hair loss is reduced to 95%.


Indola Innova Repair Capsules

Indola Innova Repair Capsules are a fantastic way to restore the beauty of damaged hair and provide up to 95% less hair breakage compared to untreated, damaged hair.


Indola Innove Texture Fibre Mold 150ml #3


Provides medium, flexible hold and adds shine. Work a small amount through dry hair.


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